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Hello, I'm Danie. I usually blog whatever i'm feeling, so it's not really anything specific, but mostly it's anime, yaoi, and the books that i am so into, and my fav t.v shows. :) so please enjoy your stay inside my brain!


how do boys look good without makeup


left my smartphone in the sink, ootd macbook style


left my smartphone in the sink, ootd macbook style


Friendly reminder that, when Winter has Scarlet up in her chambers, what does she insist they play? Doctor. And what did Jacin Clay, Winter’s only friend, tell Cinder he wanted to be? A Doctor. :)


BLT in a bathtub … bonus Sebastian Stan :3 .




Everything runs off the same energy system. Really Powerful image set.


Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown by a Balloon and a Minivan

If you don’t already know why a helium balloon tethered to the floor of a minivan has the power to make your jaw drop, you’re going to want to see this. Seriously – set aside five minutes of your time, have a seat and watch. You won’t regret it.”

(via io9)



The Raven Cycle fandom is still a the point where we just follow EVERY SINGLE PERSON who rebloggs a thing.

Right!! There’s so few people in the fandom we just grab each other and form a tiny community and try to catch other people with fanart and fiction.

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